Joystick/Ultrasonic Control Module Based Robot Teleoperation Using ROS

Individual Project for SOFT561. Wrote ROS nodes and Arduino code to control variety of robots using a standard Xbox-compatible joystick. (Logitech F710 Wireless). The challenges involved getting making the code platform independent and compatible to various robots with minor robot specific tweaks. -Wrote nodes to scale joy_node messages and send them to the arduino. -Designed an override controller using two ultrasonic sensors, wrote code to control the robot using the distances from the sensors as inputs. This controller overrides the joystick when active.The two controllers are designed to lock out the input from the other when one of them is active-the one activated earlier gets the control until it runs into the noInput zone (d>30cm for UC and X,Y=0,0 for the joystick). The data from the controllers is sent to a Web Browser Console using rosbridge.

Sep 2015 – Dec 2015