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Hey there, I'm Mona, the brain and hands behind ManagerHacks, built for managers seeking smart and efficient tools to navigate the digital chaos of today's work life. I opened up this side hustle in 2022, and ever since, I've been on a mission to make your work life less cluttered and more rewarding. 🚀

I live for those "Aha!" moments when someone, somewhere, somehow improves their life through my work.

📚 My day job? I lead the 7-people Education team in a French scale-up, but my career journey has been a blend of Digital Learning, Customer Success, and Strategic Consulting. I have tried all company sizes from 100 to 70,000 employees, all around Europe.

🎯 What fuels my engine? The thrill of seeing someone's life improve because of my work. I'm a sucker for innovation, especially when it puts the end-user first and realises that employees are the real value of any business.

📝 Now, back to ManagerHacks. Whether it's articles that make you rethink your management style, or Notion templates that become your go-to organisation tools, I've got you covered. Even dabbling in no-code to find nifty solutions that make you wonder, "Why didn't I think of that?"

🔗 Need a template? Want to read a thought-provoking article? Find it all at ManagerHacks. Your future organised self will thank you!

👍 PMP Certified (just so you know, I mean business)

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