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Complete Notion Portal for People Managers

ManagerOS: Your All-in-One Managerial Suite on Notion

Welcome to ManagerOS, the ultimate Notion template tailored exclusively for people managers who strive to lead efficient, engaged, and high-performing teams. Developed in collaboration with managers from around the world, ManagerOS is here to transform your management challenges into actionable insights and practical solutions.

Elevate Your Leadership Game

Managing people is an art, and every art form requires the right tools. With ManagerOS, you'll gain immediate access to an organized workspace that serves as your personal command center for overseeing projects, teams, and strategic roadmaps. The dashboard empowers data-driven decision-making, ensuring you begin each workday with unwavering confidence.

Features Tailored for Managers

Centralized Dashboard: Seamlessly navigate through objectives, one-on-one meetings, team development, projects, and more—all from a unified dashboard.

In-Depth Guides: Don't just manage—lead. Each page and template offers comprehensive step-by-step instructions for driving team success.

30+ Specialized Templates: From recruitment and onboarding to performance evaluations and exit interviews, these templates cover the entire managerial lifecycle.

Exclusive Content: Benefit from premium content, including a comprehensive list of over 30 team activities designed to foster collaboration and team cohesion.

Data-Driven Tools: Eight interconnected databases provide invaluable insights into your team's performance, facilitating better strategy formulation and execution.

Version 2.0 Highlights

Enhanced Team Building: Access exclusive templates to facilitate impactful workshops and sessions, boosting collaboration and team spirit.

Streamlined Exit Interviews: Capture insights from departing employees with a 16-question template, designed to improve retention.

Weekly Dashboard Updates: More space for setting priorities, recording praise, and even weekly planners for better organization.

Project Management Upgrades: From Gantt charts to KPIs, the Project Center is now more equipped than ever to manage complex tasks and team responsibilities.

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About the Maker

ManagerHacks by Mona

ManagerHacks by Mona

Hey there, I'm Mona, the brain and hands behind ManagerHacks, built for managers seeking smart and efficient tools to navigate the digital chaos of today's work life. I opened up this side hustle in 2022, and ever since, I've been on a mission to make your work life less cluttered and more rewarding. 🚀

I live for those "Aha!" moments when someone, somewhere, somehow improves their life through my work.

📚 My day job? I lead the 7-people Education team in a French scale-up, but my career journey has been a blend of Digital Learning, Customer Success, and Strategic Consulting. I have tried all company sizes from 100 to 70,000 employees, all around Europe.

🎯 What fuels my engine? The thrill of seeing someone's life improve because of my work. I'm a sucker for innovation, especially when it puts the end-user first and realises that employees are the real value of any business.

📝 Now, back to ManagerHacks. Whether it's articles that make you rethink your management style, or Notion templates that become your go-to organisation tools, I've got you covered. Even dabbling in no-code to find nifty solutions that make you wonder, "Why didn't I think of that?"

🔗 Need a template? Want to read a thought-provoking article? Find it all at ManagerHacks. Your future organised self will thank you!

👍 PMP Certified (just so you know, I mean business)

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