Automation-enabled Startup CRM with AI

"Say goodbye to your costly subscription-based CRM and embrace a leaner alternative – ConnectOS, the automation-friendly CRM tool by StartOS.

ConnectOS Features

People Database

⚙️ An automation-driven CRM backend that simplifies data storage directly from LinkedIn, facilitated by scraping tools like Bardeen.

✅ Organize contacts into eight distinct categories, such as Investor, Customer, Collaborator, and more.

📊 Monitor and track contacts efficiently using Kanban Board Views. Whether it's investors, customers, or collaborators, you can keep a close eye on all interactions.

📈 Benefit from additional investor filters, allowing you to prioritize contacts based on their area of investment and the stage of investment. This feature empowers you to fine-tune your pitching strategy.

⚙️ Enjoy seamless Slack integration, built directly into Notion. Stay in the loop with real-time notifications. For example, if a teammate contacts a lead and updates ConnectOS, the entire team receives an instant notification, eliminating the risk of double-contacting individuals.

⚙️ Unlock advanced integration capabilities with other StartOS modules, such as seamlessly integrating potential hires into TeamOS's upcoming job database. (👑Full StartOS)

Companies Database

⚙️ Experience the convenience of an automation-enabled CRM backend, streamlining information import directly from LinkedIn using scraping tools like Bardeen.

🤖 Leverage AI for automated LinkedIn messages with scraped information.

📊 Organize companies into different areas, including Investors, Customers, Collaborators, and more.

📈 Benefit from enhanced filters for investors, allowing you to categorize them based on the stage of funding, industry focus, and round check size.

⚙️ Seamlessly integrate your database into various front-end views, including the Investor CRM, Sales and Marketing Database, Customer and Collaborators Boards, and more. (👑Full StartOS)

🚀 Say hello to ConnectOS and wave goodbye to your subscription-based CRM. Streamline your operations, save on costs, and enjoy the efficiency of an automation-friendly CRM solution.

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About the Maker

Ajinkya| Startup Notion

Ajinkya| Startup Notion

Ph.D turned Founder and CEO. I run Seamless XR, a wearable robotics startup in Singapore, and founded Startup Notion to help other startups like us get organized with Notion-based organization systems.

Maker of StartOS, the #1 Startup Template on Product Hunt with over 750 upvotes and stellar reviews!

Obsessed with efficiency, my templates are usually formula and AI-powered, so you'll be able to plug and play.

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