The #1 Notion Startup system, StartOS is $369 $279! [Get Notion]


Built in Framer.Use the code partner25proyearly to get 3 months free off Framer Pro. [Get Framer]

The #1 Notion Startup system, StartOS is $369 $279! [Get Notion]

Built in Framer.

Use the code partner25proyearly to get 3 months free off Framer Pro. [Get Framer]

The #1 Notion Startup system, StartOS is $369 $279! [Get Notion]


Built in Framer.Use the code partner25proyearly to get 3 months free off Framer Pro. [Get Framer]

Smart Repository

AI-Powered Knowledge Hub in Your Pocket

For years I struggled with reading enough. When I finally started reading as a routine, I had anxiety of losing all the information I was gaining.

And that's how Smart Library was born!

Need a place to track your reading and take notes?

I gotcha. Come back daily to a clean, aesthetic digital library experience, all built in Notion.

Welcome to your Smart Library/ Smart Repository! 🪄 Powered by the integrated Notion AI.

So what's so 🪄smart about it?

✅Deciding what to read next?

Let the AI-powered templates recommend you similar books in the genre you read.

✅Deliberating whether or not to read a book?

Let the AI generate a summary, key takeaways and action items. Make better decisions and only read the books that can really make your life better.

✅Favorite author?

Easily find their other books and similar authors! The magic of AI can even find Amazon book links for you!


Key: 🪄= Requires use of Notion AI

✅Comprehensive book library template with ability to add covers. Central dashboard showing the current book and your priority next five!

✅Sort by genre, year you read, tag authors and add ratings.

✅Tag your favorites book and come back to them easily.

✅ Integrated note-taking system to help come back to your notes!

✅ 🪄AI-powered book templates that allow you to generate summaries, get similar book recommendations and extract key action points. You have the power to decide whether you really want to read the book! Also pull Goodreads ratings to make up your mind :)

✅🪄AI-powered author templates that allow you to pull author bios, other books from the same author and similar authors with a single click. Struggling to decide what to read next? Let AI help!

Product Versions:

(Try Before You Buy) Non-AI-powered reduced feature template- for FREE!

(Base) Fully functional 🪄AI-Powered template with a 9-book list with covers and authors added.

(Pro) Get the base version + Get my curated non-fiction book list with over 70 amazing books. Cover, summaries, author bios are all included!

There is no functional difference in the templates in the Base and Pro versions.

Never forget anything your learn- with Smart Repository.

Smart Repository was designed to help store knowledge gained from books and other knowledge media- books, YT channels, podcast and blogs. It's the final evolution of Smart Library!

With Notion-AI features it can do even more: generate summaries so you can decide whether you want to really read a book, recommend authors/ creators and media from similar genres, and generate action items for future reference.

Additional Features for Smart Repository:

✅Podcast Hub

✅Blog Library

✅YouTube Channel Hub

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About the Maker

Ajinkya| Startup Notion

Ajinkya| Startup Notion

Ph.D turned Founder and CEO. I run Seamless XR, a wearable robotics startup in Singapore, and founded Startup Notion to help other startups like us get organized with Notion-based organization systems.

Maker of StartOS, the #1 Startup Template on Product Hunt with over 750 upvotes and stellar reviews!

Obsessed with efficiency, my templates are usually formula and AI-powered, so you'll be able to plug and play.

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