The #1 Notion Startup system, StartOS is $369 $279! [Get Notion]


Built in Framer.Use the code partner25proyearly to get 3 months free off Framer Pro. [Get Framer]

The #1 Notion Startup system, StartOS is $369 $279! [Get Notion]

Built in Framer.

Use the code partner25proyearly to get 3 months free off Framer Pro. [Get Framer]

The #1 Notion Startup system, StartOS is $369 $279! [Get Notion]


Built in Framer.Use the code partner25proyearly to get 3 months free off Framer Pro. [Get Framer]

Systematic Brain

Organise Your Digital Life

🚀 Unlock Your Creative Potential with Systematic Brain

Systematic Brain is your all-in-one second brain system, built on the proven P.A.R.A organization method proposed by Thiago Forte. It's your key to organizing your digital life and unleashing your creativity.

📦 What You Get with Systematic Brain:

✔️ P.A.R.A Organization: Streamline your digital world using this proven method.

✔️ Resource Hub: Organize and manage all your resources in one place.

✔️ Projects and Tasks Management: Keep your projects and tasks organized and connected.

✔️ Goals Tracker: Set and track your goals efficiently.

✔️ Automatic Habit Tracker: Develop habits effortlessly.

✔️ Daily Journal Area: Reflect and record your daily thoughts.

✔️ Daily Schedule: Plan your day with ease.

✔️ Ultimate Finance Tracker: Manage your finances with precision.

✔️ Book Library: Create a digital library for your books.

✔️ Notes Manager: Effortlessly manage your notes. ✔️ Archives: Clear clutter and stay focused.

📜 Proven Systematic Organization Method:

Systematic Brain is rooted in the P.A.R.A organization method, as proposed by Thiago Forte in his renowned "Building A Second Brain" book.

  • Projects: Manage and connect tasks to your projects.

  • Areas: Use areas to manage everything and connect different aspects of your life.

  • Resources: Collect, manage, and build your information warehouse.

  • Archive: Eliminate clutter and focus on what truly matters.

📂 All Your Resources Organized in One Place:

Group your resources by topics and effortlessly add notes, grouping related ones into notebooks.

📊 Effortless Project Management System:

Utilize a GTD-styled project management system to track your projects. Relate tasks to each project, gauge progress with progress bars, and establish ultimate connectivity with various areas. The interactive weekly timeline view provides a comprehensive overview of your weekly tasks, ensuring you never miss a task with the overdue task feature.

🗓️ Stress-Free Daily Planning:

The daily planner empowers you to plan your day and prioritize tasks. It features an automatic daily habit tracker and a journal area to record your daily thoughts.

🗑️ Remove the Clutter, Focus on What Matters:

Cleanse your digital space by archiving unnecessary projects, tasks, resources, notes, notebooks, and goals. Revisit them whenever needed.

📦 Other Features:

  • Ultimate Finance Management System

  • Goal Tracker Database

  • Digital Book Library

  • Automatic Habit Tracker

Unlock your creative potential with Systematic Brain and streamline your digital life like never before.

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About the Maker

Hashim | Notion4Management

Hashim | Notion4Management


I am Hashim. A passionate and curious person.

I'm a Notion Expert with 1 year+ of experience using Notion.

I have sold 1k+ Notion Templates to people all over the world.

I help students, creators, entrepreneurs, and anyone in between to improve their productivity and streamline their work with Notion.

I make Notion Templates that are simple, easy to use and yet still advanced.

My templates are loved by people all around the world. If you're ready to take your productivity to the next level or streamline your business workflows, you are in the right place.

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