𝕏 Pulse Hub

Elevate Your 𝕏 Game

Introducing 𝕏 Pulse Hub - the ultimate solution for capturing, managing, and tracking everything associated with your 𝕏 experience.

Whether you're struggling to capture your post ideas, track your engagement, or develop a winning strategy, 𝕏 Pulse Hub has got you covered.

Key Features:

📊 Dashboard: Your central command center with quick links, engagement goals, draft management, daily notes, and more. Stay organized and in control.

🚀 Engagement Hub: Set and track your daily engagement goals. Time your engagement sessions with a custom timer and watch your weekly engagement stats grow.

💡 𝕏 Idea Bank: Store your post ideas in one place for easy access and inspiration.

✍️ Posts Hub: Write, schedule, post, and review your tweets with a comprehensive system. Create and execute your custom strategy effortlessly.

📑 Lists Manager: Craft and manage your engagement lists efficiently, all in one place.

🖼️ 𝕏 Resources: Keep your profile picture, banner, and bio organized for quick updates.

🔥 Strategies & Frameworks: Access handpicked strategies from successful Twitter creators to level up your game.

📈 Daily 𝕏 Tracker: Monitor your progress, including follower count, total impressions, tweets, DMs sent by day, and monthly recaps.

🗒️ 𝕏 Notes: Store and access all your notes conveniently.

Customize 𝕏 Pulse Hub to meet your specific needs and elevate your 𝕏 journey. Stay organized, track your progress, and maximize your impact on the platform.

Don't miss out on this powerful tool. Elevate your 𝕏 game today!

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About the Maker

Matthew | Notion4Coders

Matthew | Notion4Coders

Physics Student turned Notion creator. Building Notion Templates & Systems to help you gain more clarity & manage your life. Your next template, you are looking for is here.

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